The First Step in Planning Your Kitchen Remodel

Measuring your kitchen is very easy, and you'll find that having measurements with you when you visit our showroom will help the design process move a little faster. At Kitchen Associates, we prefer to measure your kitchen before we order any cabinetry, but when our customers come equipped with a basic initial drawing and measurements it certainly is a big help in the early stages of your design and can help make your first visit to our showroom a very productive one.

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2012 Free Corian Countertop Contest Winner

CORIAN Countertops: Replacing Functional with Fabulous

I like watching home improvement shows and seeing what other people are doing to their homes, envying what we don’t have or, more appropriately, can’t have. Usually, my wife doesn’t watch, but I had one show on recently while she was taking a break from giving our kitchen the one makeover we could afford-- repainting.  We absolutely weren’t planning to look for replacement countertops, too, but low-and-behold, it was the topic du-jour for the show. Next thing I know she’s measuring out the kitchen to see how many square feet of countertop we need. I’m thinking, “Help Me!” as once my wife gets an idea in her head…

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