First Summer in the New Kitchen


It is hard to believe that summer, 2014, is in the rear view mirror.

But what a summer it was. Good friends, good food, and good stories to be told at future get-togethers.

We gave the grill a good workout, as is usually the case. However, most of our time was spent in the kitchen. And why not!

Whatever the season, the kitchen is the life of the party and to have a beautiful 5-star kitchen from Jay Sponenberg and Kitchen Associates to host those good times in made this summer spectacular.

The butcher block top island was “home base” where people and hors d’oueves met under the soft glow of our pendant lamps. The 40 watt “old fashioned” bulbs were just right in adding an extra glow to the setting.

We found the few changes Jay suggested we make to the kitchen’s layout were spot on.

Maria and I both love to cook and almost all meals are a shared experience (most certainly when it involves company).  With so much countertop space and enough outlets to satisfy even me, “Mr. Gadget”, we easily split the work load. There was never any waiting for an outlet even if the work was done on the island, which was complete with its own outlet.

All cabinets and drawers are “soft close”, one of the best features in the kitchen. Just swing or push them and when they get to a certain point, they close gently.

I can’t say enough about the under cabinet lighting which, like the overhead recessed lights, also have a dimmer switch. The under cabinet lights can also be turned on or off individually. They certainly highlighted the produce from the garden. 

And now, we are changing from summer to autumn and, eventually, to you-know-what (I just can’t bring myself to utter the word). Time to get better acquainted with the oven, the Dutch oven, the stock pots and the crock pots.

So bring on the new season. We have just the kitchen for it.


The Home Stretch

As the legendary track announcer, Dave Johnson, would say, “And DOWN the stretch they come!”

The final pieces of our beautiful new kitchen from Kitchen Associates in Sterling, MA are being put in place and the transformation is incredible. From a dark and tired looking room to a kitchen bathed in light and color.


The Cambria “Praa Sands” quartz countertop blends well with the Brookhaven cabinets in Antique White while the Revere Pewter paint brings out the color in the countertop as well as the charcoal glaze of the cabinets.


The amazing Jim Gray of Kitchen Associates was back in the house to attach the hardware to the cabinets.  The oiled bronze hardware will match the new luxury vinyl tile floor.


Next to come, the under-cabinet lighting, the installation and hookup of the appliances, and the butcher block top for the island.

In With the New

When we last left you, the walls were bare. Jim Gray and Zak Graves had come and removed our cabinets and countertops and we awaited the arrival of the new kitchen. Our temporary “kitchen” would have to do in the meantime.

After a day devoted to the electrician and the plumber for the rough electrical and natural gas needs, the cabinets were in the house thanks to Jim, Zak, and Dilio Prieto who went right to work.

temp kitchen.jpg

Jim is amazing. He is a master at his craft. In just a few days our bare walls were covered with our gorgeous new cabinets.


With the cabinets in place, it was time for Sonny from Discover Marble & Granite to pay a visit. He used his laser-guided equipment to create the template for our new Cambria quartz countertops, which should be ready in about a week.

It is all coming together nicely. Stay tuned. - Walt Perkins


Out With the Old

Hugo wanted to take one last look around before he said goodbye to the old kitchen. 

“You mean there won’t be a counter for me to rest my head on?” he asked, as only a Dane could.


“No, my friend, sorry. See that truck in the driveway? They’re coming to take it away so we can make room for the new kitchen,” I said.
Jim Gray and Zak Graves had arrived promptly at 8 a.m. and went right to work. A little over four hours later, they were leaving with what used to be our kitchen.

You know the old saying; out with the old and in with the new! Now if you’ll excuse me for a moment, I’ve got some painting to do before that “in with the new” part.

Stay tuned. - Walt Perkins


Why Walt Perkins Needs a New Kitchen

Hi, I’m Walt Perkins, the Sports Director and morning sports anchor for WBZ News Radio. My wife, Maria, and I moved to Marlborough in October, 2012. When we purchased our home, we knew that a new kitchen would be on our “to do” list. While we enjoy the overall size and space our kitchen provides, there are too many components that are in dire need of upgrading.

First and foremost, the kitchen is dark. Walnut cabinets, dark brown granite countertops, a beige tile floor, and insufficient lighting results a somewhat drab look. Jay and his team at Kitchen Associates took us through their two-floor showroom where we were able to see examples of today’s kitchens, colors, and styles.


While on the subject of the cabinets, it was apparently the style some 20 odd years ago to leave space between the top of the cabinets and the ceiling. This is “dead”, wasted space that succeeds as a dust collector. Jay said today’s cabinets provide a cleaner look whereby that empty space is given a “false front” to make it look like it connects to the ceiling, thus eliminating the giant dust trap.

You will also notice in the pictures that the microwave oven that is over the stovetop is much too close to the stovetop. In fact, it does not meet today’s code with regard to distance between the two appliances. My wife and I love to cook and having such a short space between the two is quite challenging when using large or tall pots. Jay’s idea was to move the microwave elsewhere and, in its place, install a beautiful exhaust hood. 

You will also notice from the pictures that the refrigerator is just a tad too tall for the cabinets above it and the hinge on the refrigerator door prevents the cabinet door from opening fully. Jay’s expertise in kitchen design once again came in handy in suggesting moving the refrigerator from its current position to where the so-called “desk” area currently resides. Another novel idea 20 years ago, the desk area has become nothing more than a catch-all for mail, hats, a printer, and an assortment of items that just seem to migrate to it. Jay assured us that we are not alone. Virtually all kitchen desk areas have become exactly that.

So, the new cabinets are in and we are looking forward to scheduling  the date work begins on our new kitchen. Stay tuned.