Wood Hoods Can Be a Beautiful Focal Point

Remember when the range hood in the kitchen was a “necessary evil”? They were ugly and never really worked right. If you burned something or you were cooking fish, they did little to nothing to evaporate the odors like they were supposed to do. 

Today the hood over the range or cooktop can be a focal point that makes a kitchen stand out above and beyond the others in the neighborhood. There are several different types. At Kitchen Associates, there are five wood hoods to see on display, as well as an interesting plastered hood with wood trim. Some were built by the skilled craftsmen in our woodshop. They certainly make a kitchen look unique and special. However, there are some things to consider if a wood or plastered hood will work for your kitchen. 

Do you have room for one?  They generally will take more room than a conventional hood, so make sure a professional kitchen designer has shown you how much space it will take.  

Make sure you get an adequate blower for the cooking surface you are using. Generally, a blower that takes 600 CFMs (cubic feet per minute or the blower's ability to move air) is sufficient in residential cooking, but if you have a commercial cooktop or range, it may require more.

Make sure whoever is designing your kitchen guides you on the size blower you are getting. Some hoods look deceiving and the blower you purchased will not fit into the hood you get. 

Keeping these points in mind and working with a professional designer will be of benefit if you want to have that beautiful focal point in your kitchen. We invite you to see the wood hoods and other beautiful products at  Kitchen Associates.

-Jay Sponenberg