10 Reasons Why You Should Choose Kitchen Associates for Your New Countertops.

1. Kitchen Associates cares about our craftsmen, and they care about others. We provide ideal working conditions, better dust control, worker's compensation, medical insurance and other benefits. Our workers are fully-insured while on the jobsite. Ask about our relief efforts, where we led a community effort to provide donated countertops fabricated here in Sterling, MA to 400 Gulf Coast families who suffered loss during Hurricane Katrina.

2. We care about your countertop. Kitchen Associates refuses to pay our craftsmen piece-rate. This means that they have time to finish your countertop properly, assuring you of superior quality.

3. You get a better finish. Solid Surface materials such as Corian receive a final sanding to provide the smooth tactile feel that captures people's imagination, but not by accident! We don't take any shortcuts to save time. Your countertop is sanded to a full and final finish, meaning your countertop will also be easier to clean and maintain.

4. Better material yields and less landfill waste. Kitchen Associates uses advanced technology when cutting Solid Surface sheets. We consistently achieve 90% yield, resulting in less landfill waste.

5. Kitchen Associates uses the most accurate templating system. We were the first in New England to use the innovative digital photo templating system. This means a perfect fit every time.

6. Low impact template process. Kitchen Associates' system enables templating your kitchen without removing your existing countertops. Simply remove items from your countertop the day we come to template. This also means low environmental impact from templating. No waste is created such as cardboard, paper, plywood, vinyl or plastic.

7. Investment in technology. Through advanced dust collection and computerized routers, we process your countertop like no one else can. Tours of our state-of-the-art countertop fabrication facility are always welcome.

8. This is our specialty. Kitchen Associates specializes in fabricating Solid Surface countertops. While we also sell stone surfaces, like granite and quartz, these are fabricated by partner companies.

9. Award winning team. Kitchen Associates has over 300 years of experience on-staff. Frequent awards have been won by Kitchen Associates for design, fabrication, and excellence in our industry.

10. No marketing hype. Plain and simple, Kitchen Associates fabricates the best countertops in the industry.