How To Clean Your Stainless Steel Appliances

photo by Jeff Baumgart

photo by Jeff Baumgart

When it comes to appliances, stainless steel is the the obvious choice for those wanting a sleek, sophisticated addition to their kitchen. While they may look great in the showroom, some homeowners are discouraged once they get them home and try to keep them clean. 

Here are some simple tips we have learned to help keep your stainless steel appliances looking great all the time.

Routine Cleaning

For routine cleaning, warm water and a soft sponge or cloth works great. When using a sponge, only use the soft side, not the rougher Scotch-Brite side. Just remember to dry with a towel or cloth to prevent water spots from showing up after. 

Fingerprints & Stubborn Stains

Among stainless steel owners, fingerprints seem to be one of the biggest complaint. There are many stainless steel cleaners on the market, but something as simple as a glass cleaner, such as Windex, works great for removing those annoying fingerprints. The trick here is to rinse thoroughly with water and towel dry after using the Windex.


This tip may sound strange, but trust us, it works great! Use some olive oil or baby oil on a soft rag. Wipe in the direction of the “grain” and buff with the dry side of the cloth. This will shine up your stainless steel beautifully and help resist future fingerprints and stains. Some owners find that they only need to do this once a month or so.


Do not use anything abrasive on your stainless steel appliances. Never use steel wool, scouring pads, chlorine bleach, or scouring powder cleaners.

We hope you find these tips helpful in keeping your stainless steel appliances looking their best. Share with us your tips for cleaning stainless steel appliances!