Planning For Your New Kitchen


Planning your new kitchen remodel is an exciting process, but sometimes it can also be quite overwhelming. Whether you are planning on going the DIY route or hiring a professional, there are some important things to keep in mind that will make this process go more smoothly and achieve results that you will be happy with for years to come.

Analyze your needs

Often, the kitchen is the most used room in the house, but not every family uses their kitchen in the same way. Some things to consider are: How many family members do you have? Where does your family like to eat their meals? Who is the primary cook in your family? Do you entertain frequently? What other activities will take place in your new kitchen?

Plan your new space

While style and color choices are probably the first things on your mind, your layout is even more important. Even a kitchen with all the bells and whistles and all the best materials will become very frustrating, very quick if the layout is wrong. Think about what you do and what you do not like about your current kitchen layout. Having your space smartly planned out first will help you determine what materials will go where, how much materials you will need, and a rough idea of the cost.

Organize your ideas and inspiration

Once you have determined what your kitchen design needs are, the next step is to start gathering ideas that fit in with those needs. Design shows on TV, magazines at your local bookstore or home center, and various kitchen and bath websites and blogs offer and endless selection of ideas and inspiration. You can easily organize these ideas with free online services such as Pinterest.

The perfect kitchen is one that combines beauty and functionality to meet the needs of your family and lifestyle. Our free Kitchen Planning Guide will move you one step closer to creating your perfect kitchen by asking a few questions that will help bring the important details together.