Opening Things Up - A Kitchen and Bath Remodel in Brookline, MA

We recently completed this kitchen and bathroom remodel in Brookline, MA. The project features Brookhaven cabinetry with a variety of finishes, as well as Granite and Corian countertops. A wall of custom cabinetry and shelving was also added to the entryway to provide an elegant, organized storage solution.

The opening from the kitchen to the dining room was a big part of the look that I wanted to achieve based on how closed in the kitchen appeared. With opening that up and installing double glass access cabinets it brought you from the kitchen through the dining room to the outside of the house. The home owner was very pleased to see just how much it did for the function and joy of being in many places at one time.
— Rich Dupre - Designer at Kitchen Associates

Brand: Brookhaven

Door Style: (kitchen) Freemont, (dining room) Winterhaven, (children's bath) Vista Plus Vertical Grain Wenge Laminate with integrated brushed aluminum pulls, (master bath) Edgemont Raised, (coat room) Freemont Raised

Finish: (kitchen) Amber, (dining room) Alpine White, (children's bath) Burgundy, (master bath) Alpine White, (coat room) Greenstone with Dark Glaze

Countertop: (kitchen) Granite "New Caldonia", (desk & dining area) Corian "Witch Hazel", (children's bath) Granite "Giallo Ornamental", (master bath) Granite "Ipanema White"

Design and installation by Kitchen Associates

Photos by Aaron Sponenberg