50 Year Old Kitchen in Hudson, MA Gets a Facelift

This kitchen in Hudson, MA has been in the husband’s family for over 50 years. Although they loved the family home, it was in need of some upgrades, especially the kitchen. The space in the kitchen was too tight and had a round table in the center, which was really in the way. The kitchen lacked flow into the dining room and there was not enough space for entertaining or storage.

The option chosen was to remove the wall between the dining room and kitchen. The homeowners said, “Taking down the wall has enabled us to serve more guests in the same room, verses dividing them up between rooms. It makes both areas much lighter and brighter. It also allowed a reconfiguration that greatly improves the work space in the kitchen, keeping traffic away from the cooking area, while still enabling interaction with guests in the dining area.”

The change allowed them to store items where they made sense, not just where they fit. They feel the cabinets make items more “accessible”. The dining room hutch matches the kitchen cabinets and offers “bonus” storage. Their joint expression was, “I no longer need to get down on my hands & knees to get things out of the back, or pull everything out to find things hidden under or behind other items, and the kitchen looks fabulous!”

“The first thing everyone says when they walk in is “WOW!”, and I do mean everyone!”.

Brand: Brookhaven

Door Style: Edgemont Raised

Finish: "Alpine White" on Maple (perimeter)  "Nut Brown" on Maple (island)

Countertop: LG Quartz "Aria"

Hardware: Top Knobs M1294 Pulls, M281 Knobs - Satin Nickel Finish

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