A New Kitchen and Mudroom in Rutland, MA

These homeowners in Rutland, MA have a beautiful home in a well maintained neighborhood. However their existing kitchen was very "closed off" and had a wall separating it from a spacious mudroom which had a door leading to the pool. It was also very inefficient for entertaining and had very dark and boring cabinetry.

We removed the wall and opened it up as well as created a broom closet and seat to remove coats and shoes. We were able to extend the island and add wall ovens. Now they have a kitchen they can enjoy with their friends and extended family as well as make those trips to the pool easier.

Brand: Brookhaven

Door Style: Presidio Recessed Panel

Finish: Nordic White

Countertop: Granite - "Kalahari Desert"

Hardware: Top Knobs - M1121 PC knobs, M1170 PC handles

Tile backsplash provided by Rooms With a View

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