Kitchen Makeover in Billerica, MA

These homeowners in Billerica, MA love the home that they live in, but wanted a better flow between the family room addition and the dining room. They were willing to give up having a table in the kitchen in order to open up the dining room entry to marry it into the space.

A Bright New Kitchen Remodel in Whitinsville, MA

This client had just moved up from Texas to Whitinsville, MA. They knew that one of the first things to do after purchasing their new home was to remodel the kitchen. Even though the existing cabinets were not that old, the overall feeling in the kitchen was just way too dark.

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Custom Kitchen Banquette in Sturbridge, MA

Our clients in Sturbridge, MA had a common problem that many homeowners face today - small kitchen, small dining room. With the help of and other websites, they came up with the idea of taking down a wall to enlarge the space, as well as adding a comfortable seating area and table.

A Farmhouse Kitchen Remodel in Holden, MA

These Holden, MA residents bought a secluded farmhouse that needed a lot of work. With the help of their contractor, Mark Wilde of Rutland and Kitchen Associates of Sterling, they did a beautiful job of transforming the house. They now have a comfortable and efficient home for entertaining family and friends.

How to Prepare for (and survive) Your Kitchen Renovation

Whether you’re doing a minor remodel or a major renovation, the thought of being without your kitchen for four to six weeks may seem daunting. The process can be hectic, crazy and downright frustrating. Eating out can get old very quickly, not to mention costly. And washing dishes in a bathroom sink is anything but convenient.

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Kitchen Associates Gets a New Cabinet Delivery Truck

You've imagined, planned, and waited for your new dream kitchen to become a reality. Now the day has arrived. Your new cabinets are here! But how would you feel if the truck delivering your new investment was a rusty heap of junk? Maybe the suspension is completely shot, will the bounces and vibrations cause harm to your cabinets? What about that oil stain the truck left on your driveway?

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"The Times They Are a Changin'"

“The times they are a changin'", sang Bob Dylan 50 years ago. He was talking about social change but in the case of Kitchen Associates, the times are a changing when it comes to our kitchen showroom displays.

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A Kitchen Renovation in Lancaster, MA

These homeowners in Lancaster, MA lead an active lifestyle and enjoy spending lots of time with friends and family in and out of their beautiful swimming pool in the backyard. They were in desperate need of a new kitchen that would help them better entertain all of their friends and family.

A Kitchen With Memories in Weston, MA

The owner of this beautiful house in Weston, MA used to live here when she was a child. Years later, she and her husband were able to purchase it and live here once again. After doing some major renovations to the entire house, she is now happy to be raising her family in the very home she grew up in.